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(This is a cable service call center)

Me:  Thanks for calling [cable company], my name is [blank].  How may I help you?

Man:  Yes, I’m calling to get a reduction in my bill.

Me:  Sure.  What services are you looking to downgrade?

Man:  None of them!  I am a close friend of [blank name] the president and CEO of your company.  I want my bill lowered.

Me:  I apologize, I’m unable to do that.  Is there something in writing that you got from [blank name]?  And, if so, did he tell you to contact a different department since customer service is unable to do that?

Man:  Listen to me, you ignorant piece of s***!  I know your boss.  In fact, I play golf with him regularly.  I want a reduction on my bill or I will have you fired.

Me:  With all due respect sir, you can’t fire me.

Man:  F*** you!  I’m a lawyer and I will sue you unless you give me what I ask for!!

Me:  Please be advised that these calls are monitored and recorded for quality purposes.  If you’re a friend of Mr. [blank name] as you claim, he would have referred you to a different dept. to take care of you as we’re unable to do that in customer service.  Also, you are calling a customer service representative stating that you know the president and CEO of this company and are using that to threaten to fire me unless I reduce your bill.  If you’re a lawyer as you claim then you should know that’s extortion which is illegal in the state of [blank state].  Now, I just flagged this phone call which means my supervisor will be listening to this phone call soon and will be taking decisive action up to and including calling the authorities.

(long pause)

Me:  Hello sir?

Man:  (grunts) You know what, never mind!  This is b*** s***!!!  (hangs up)

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