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(I am trying to help a customer who is looking for a stainless steel garbage can, and seems genuinely confused.)

Customer: “So…this is a 30-litre garbage can?”

Me: *noticing the 30L label* “Yes. That is a 30-litre garbage can.”

Customer: “And it’s stainless steel?”

Me: *noticing the very obvious metal construction* “Yes. It is indeed stainless steel.”

Customer: “And I can use this in the kitchen?”

(My manager, who overheard the entire exchange, walks over to us and gives the customer a piece of his mind.)

Manager: *sarcastically* “No, you can’t use it in the kitchen!”

Customer: “I can’t use this garbage can in the kitchen?”

Me: “Well, once you buy it, you can use it however you want. If you do go through a lot of waste in the kitchen, 30 litres should be the right size for you.”

Customer: “…Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes, I’m sure. In fact, a lot of my customers have bought the exact same garbage can for their kitchens.”

Customer: “But that man over there just said I can’t.”

Manager: “I was joking! Oh my god!”

Customer: “Why your god?”

(In the end, he didn’t buy the garbage can.)