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12 Riveting, Readable Stories About Library Patrons!

| Right | September 6, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is National Read A Book Day in the US, and what better place to start reading than the library? There’s something truly serene about a library, surrounded by books and hushed voices and those return date stamps. (Do they still stamp the return date in books? I confess I haven’t been to a proper library in years. Whoops.)

However, when you run into patrons like these, the peaceful atmosphere of the library dissolves pretty quickly. We’ve rounded up 12 stories from our archives about library patrons that will make you want to throw a book at them!


As Opposed To The Ones That You Can, Like, Smoke? – The eternal question: stupid or stoned?

A Series Of Unfortunate Questions – We really need Lemony Snicket to explain this one. He’s good at that.

An Interest In Corruption – People who owe large sums of money aren’t usually in the position to make demands.

Turn Up The Volume On Their Self-Awareness – The audacity of some people! (Sorry, was that too loud?)

The Patrons Can Wear You Down – It’ll probably be simpler if you just make them pay you.

Graded A For Audacity – That service does exist out there somewhere, but it’s not free. Or smart. Or right.

Should Have Banned Their Aid – Hopefully, they were new bandaids.

They’ve Saigon The Wrong Way – The learning process makes a lot of us cry.

The Final Shoutdown – Anyone who’s been through finals week can relate to this one!

Can’t Use That Trick In The Book – Do you also ask for refunds at the store without returning the merchandise? (Probably.)

Walking A Very Fine Line – Have you tried writing it down?

Checking In On Checking Out – What exactly did she think the check-out machine was for?!


We hope you enjoyed this Library-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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