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(I was at a supermarket with my boyfriend, picking up some food for a Valentines day picnic. As I’m in the fruit section, a woman walks past. She starts talking, but I didn’t know it was directed to me. Note: I have a slightly larger belly than most girls and I’m 16, my boyfriend is 17, although he looks about 24)

Woman: Hey, you!

(I keep looking at fruit)

Woman: “Didn’t you here me?)

(I keep shopping, thinking she is talking to someone else)

Woman: *grabs my shoulder* “IM TALKING TO YOU, YOU LITTLE IGNORANT B****!”

Me: “Oh I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware you were talking to me”


Me: “Im sorry, ma’am, what do you need help with?”

Woman: “Do you have someone here with you?”

Me: “um, yes. My boyfriend.”

(Speaking of which, my boyfriend walks around the corner)

Boyfriend: “I got the ham and bread”

Woman: “Is this him?”

Me: “yes”


Boyfriend “what’s going on?”

Woman:”How dare you do that to such a young girl? Getting getting her pregnant! A 25 year old you a young girl! You should be ashamed! People like you two disgust me and are the reason the world is on its downfall!”

Me: “Wait, WHAT? I’m not pregnant, I’m just a little bit big around the stomach! And he’s 17, not 25.”

Woman: “Oh don’t give me that s***, you little c*** s***. Stop lying to me! Look! You even have baby food in your basket!” (She points to the dip)

Boyfriend:” that’s dip… For the biscuits”

(A manger, who happens to be good friends with my dad, walks over)

Manager:” what seems to be the problem?”

Woman:”Throw this s*** and this pervert out of your store! These two are disgraceful!”

Manager:” ma’am, this lovely young lady happens to be my friends daughter. I know her and she is not what you are implying. She is too lovely to do that sort of thing. I’ve watched this girl grow up and she is not a disgraceful kind of person. Now please stop bothering them. Danni, Jacob, you keep on shopping, I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow.”

(The woman throws a punch at the manager, and hits him right in the jaw.)

Woman:” F*** you! How dare you support such discussing people!”

Manager:” Ma’am, I strongly advise that you leave the store this minute, or I will have to call the cops, and as you know, the station is right down the street, so you won’t get much time to run”

(The woman runs through the store, knocking over displays and pulling things off of shelves. I call the cops, along with the manager, and they get here in less than 45 seconds. The woman was arrested, and an officer asked us what had happened. We told him the story, and how she started ranting and knocking thing off of shelves. She was takes to the station, screaming “THAT S****Y LITTLE B**** SHOULD GO TO REHAB WITH THAT PERVERT. THAT BABY SHOULD NOT BE BORN!” If I ever so have a kid, it’s not going to turn out like her.