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| Unfiltered | August 26, 2018

I work at a fabric store, have been there for 5 months. We get lots of our customers telling us that we are the friendliest and most helpful of our chain around. I am always friendly and helpful and have gotten a few customers asking my name because they were impressed with me. Generally I have good work days, but a bit of a temper for rude customers. One day, it happened that I squeezed behind a customer without saying excuse me. as soon as I had passed:

Me: sorry

Customer: Excuse me works too.

Me:…starring, thinking what did she say?

Customer (kind of passive aggressively): Why are you starring at me? I’m just saying that excuse me works too

Me: I said sorry

At this point I turned around and stopped paying attention to her to avoid causing more of a scene. she started grumbling about “this self entitled generation” Afterwards, she issued a complaint so I had to get written up. Didn’t get in trouble though, and co workers agreed that the lady made a bigger deal out of it than she should have and that she was a b*tch.