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(My friends and I are at the grocery store and see a friend of ours who works there. We are minding our own business and trying to stay out of the way. We have just checked out and start talking to our friend while he isn’t busy.)
Manager: *to employee friend* Let’s get busy!
Employee: Okay, sorry guys I have to get back to work.
Me: It’s okay. We don’t want you to get in trouble.
Employee: Actually, could you do me a favor? Can you buy a can of monster for that guy in the grey sweatshirt? *points another employee and hands over Credit card* The PIN number is ****.
I go grab a can of monster and start to self checkout. The register is being really slow and keeps telling me the PIN number is wrong. I check with my friend and he says the number was right. I try a few more times and it is very noticeable that I’m having trouble. An older looking employee notices but doesn’t come over to help. I end up paying as credit and then hand the guy I’m the sweatshirt the drink. I return the card to my employee friend and go back over to my group of friends. We have been there for maybe 15 minutes. We are about to leave when a manager stops to talk to us.
Manager: Excuse, I received a complaint saying that you guys were in the way and bothering other customers.
Other Friend: I’m sorry we were trying not to get in anyone’s way.
Other Friend #2: We just bought stuff. *points to bags*
Manager: Yes, I understand you bought stuff but that’s not the problem. This place is not a hangout. People want to get their groceries and leave. You have been in the way and I have received a compliant. If you could just get what you need and leave that would be appreciated.
My friends and I are appalled that someone would complain about us. We quickly leave the store. This instance goes to show that people stereotype teenagers as troublemakers, even when we aren’t doing anything wrong.

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