Looking After One Child So Much You Forget About The Other

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My mother was a pediatric cardiac nurse and was taking care of a boy who had just had open heart surgery. She left for the weekend, and this story was relayed to her the next morning she was in.

The mother of the young boy suddenly started to have severe abdominal pains during the night. The nurse realized after checking her over that she had forgotten to ask her a very important question: when was the last time she had had her period? The mother said, “Oh, it’s coming any day now.”

The nurse looked at the nurse supervisor who was helping her. This is a children’s hospital, so they had no labor and delivery ward. The supervisor started to panic. This hospital is up the road from another, adult hospital. So, the supervisor decided to put the mother in a wheelchair and push her down to the adult hospital. This hospital is located at the top of a hill, so as he was pushing her down to the other hospital, the wheelchair slipped out of his hand. Luckily, he caught her before she got too far away, and got her to the adult hospital before she delivered the baby.

When my mom got back that Monday, she went to the boy’s room and saw that the mother was back already. She found that the mother had been so focused on taking care of her son before his surgery and getting him the surgery that she hadn’t realized she hadn’t had her period in over seven months.

Luckily, both the son and baby were able to leave the hospital soon after, and last my mother heard they were all doing well.

Was “Tough” To Make Out

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I’m a guy, and a female friend of mine has invited me to join her and a few of her friends to go to a bar they like. They are all rather attractive women, but as I’m already in a relationship, the idea of being romantically interested in any of them doesn’t even cross my mind.

At one point in the evening we are outside on the bar’s patio area, save for one friend who is still inside. I am in need of a new drink and ask if I can get anyone else one, since I’m heading to the bar, anyway. After getting people’s orders, I head inside and see the other friend standing by a table talking to a guy that I assume she knows. She’s on my way to the bar, so I stop and ask her if I can get her a drink, since I am in the mindset of buying the next round. She politely declines, but then the guy she was talking to says something to me. The music is very loud and I can’t make out what he said. I ask him to repeat himself, but I still can’t make it out. However, from the cadence it sounds like he is making a joke, so I smile at him and chuckle and continue on to the bar to get drinks before I forget what people have asked me to get.

Later, after our group leaves the bar, the friend who was talking to the guy says she is astounded by what I did. I don’t know what she means and ask her to explain. The guy she was talking to was just a random guy who was trying to hit on her. When I came up and asked if I could get her a drink, he thought I was trying to hit on her, too, so he was threatening to fight me for having gotten in his way.

So, from his perspective, he threatened to beat me up, and I looked at him, smiled, laughed, and walked away. He was so intimidated by that that he ended up leaving her alone for the rest of the evening.

I am in no way a “tough guy” and, in fact, tend to avoid conflict to a fault. But this particular time, I managed to accidentally “out-tough” a random guy at the bar.

What’s Another Word For Thesaurus?

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Customer: “Can you show me where I can find a ‘thirk-tionary’?

Me: “I’m sorry, a what?”

Customer: “A ‘thirk-tionary.’”

Me: “Do you mean a dictionary?”

Customer: “No, but they’re kind of like a dictionary.”

Me: “Um, okay, let’s go take a look at that section.”

(I take her over to where we keep the dictionaries. She grabs a thesaurus off the shelf.)

Customer: “Ah, here it is!”

Me: “Oh! You meant a thesaurus!”

Customer: “Yeah, a ‘thirk-tionary.’”

Me: “Um… Okay. Well, let me know if you have any more questions.”

Customer: “I will, thanks!”

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(My friends and I are at the grocery store and see a friend of ours who works there. We are minding our own business and trying to stay out of the way. We have just checked out and start talking to our friend while he isn’t busy.)
Manager: *to employee friend* Let’s get busy!
Employee: Okay, sorry guys I have to get back to work.
Me: It’s okay. We don’t want you to get in trouble.
Employee: Actually, could you do me a favor? Can you buy a can of monster for that guy in the grey sweatshirt? *points another employee and hands over Credit card* The PIN number is ****.
I go grab a can of monster and start to self checkout. The register is being really slow and keeps telling me the PIN number is wrong. I check with my friend and he says the number was right. I try a few more times and it is very noticeable that I’m having trouble. An older looking employee notices but doesn’t come over to help. I end up paying as credit and then hand the guy I’m the sweatshirt the drink. I return the card to my employee friend and go back over to my group of friends. We have been there for maybe 15 minutes. We are about to leave when a manager stops to talk to us.
Manager: Excuse, I received a complaint saying that you guys were in the way and bothering other customers.
Other Friend: I’m sorry we were trying not to get in anyone’s way.
Other Friend #2: We just bought stuff. *points to bags*
Manager: Yes, I understand you bought stuff but that’s not the problem. This place is not a hangout. People want to get their groceries and leave. You have been in the way and I have received a compliant. If you could just get what you need and leave that would be appreciated.
My friends and I are appalled that someone would complain about us. We quickly leave the store. This instance goes to show that people stereotype teenagers as troublemakers, even when we aren’t doing anything wrong.

Literally ROFL

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Years ago, I was working at a bookstore with a cafe in it. I had always gotten along well with the cafe crew and liked to joke around with them. When the fad of drawing a mustache on your finger to hold up to your lip first became a thing, I thought they would get a kick out of it. One day, before my shift started, I went and stood in line in the cafe to get my drink, like I usually did, and when it was my turn at the register I smiled, held the drawn mustache up to my lip, and made my order.

My coworker let out a boisterous laugh, and then literally doubled over on the floor laughing. I was shocked at her reaction, as I was only expecting to get a chuckle out of her, not this kind of extreme response. I stood there embarrassed as the line of customers behind me was wondering what was happening. Another coworker in the cafe, upon seeing the cashier on the floor, let out a disgruntled sigh and stepped over her to come take my order, obviously annoyed with both of us. I sheepishly repeated my order, paid without a word, and stood to the side, red-faced and looking at the floor.

After that, I decided to cut back on horsing around with the cafe crew… At least where customers would be watching.

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