Wish They Could Take A Few Steps Further Away

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I’m a customer at a big-name bookstore, browsing, when I witness an older man getting help from an employee in the music/movie section.

Customer: “Can I pay for this record here?”

Employee: “No, sir, these registers haven’t been turned on today. I can ring you up over there, though.”

The man grumbles but follows.

Customer: “I guess people just don’t like vinyl. That’s why they stopped making them, you know, back in the day.”

The employee just makes non-committal sounds and I lose track of them as I go about my own business. However, as I head up to the register later, I see this man standing with his hands on his hips by the customer service desk.

Customer: “Where’s my copy? Hey! Where’s my copy?”

He practically barks at the girl on the desk. I have no idea what he is referring to.

Employee: “She’ll be right back with it, sir.”

He makes a disgusted sound and turns, looking fed up.

Customer: “Ridiculous.”

As I get to the line, I see him stalk toward someone and he instantly lights into her.

Customer: “You know this is unacceptable! Where is your store manager?”

Employee: “He’s in a meeting, but I’m a manager. I—”

Customer: “No, you write his name and number down. I’ll call him! I had to hoof it all the way from over there to here just to check out. That is plain ridiculous! You’ve lost a sale! You tell your manager you’ve lost a sale!”

Employee: “Sir, I think you should leave this store.”

Customer: “Oh, I will, and I won’t be back. I hope you go out of business!”

Employee: “Sir, you are being rude. Please leave.”

Customer: “And you can go to h***!”

He stalked off, muttering all the way out the door, while I and a few others in line just watched him go, shaking our heads and exchanging “Did that really just happen?” glances.

The manager sighed heavily and apologized to those of us nearby. I told her I was just glad that she could talk back to that guy and not put up with his nonsense. All that just because a few registers weren’t open during a slow day?

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Are We Open? Nein!

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My restaurant closes at nine. Sometimes, if we are super busy, I will not be able to lock the doors exactly at nine, but if it’s slow, as a manager, I can close up to twenty minutes early. 

I have an absolute idiot call at 8:58 as I am sitting at my computer doing checkouts.

Caller: “Hey, is it too late to order?”

Me: “We close at nine, sir.”

Caller: “But can I still order?”

Me: “How far away are you? We close in a minute and a half.”

Caller: “I’m at the [Hotel that is at least a five-minute walk away]. I can hustle over.”

Me: “Our door lock at nine, sir.”

Caller: “I don’t understand. Are you closed?”

Me: “We are open… for another minute.”

Caller: “So can I order?”

Me: “Can you get here in sixty seconds?”

Caller: “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

By the time I got off the phone, it was past nine and one of my employees had locked the door. Around 9:10, the phone started ringing again, presumably him, and I just ignored it.

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Microsoft Doesn’t Works

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I completely understand that not everyone is great with computers. Sometimes, it’s just simple stuff, but as long as they’re willing to learn, I’m happy to go over it with them. This one woman, however, drives me to insanity. She’s maybe in her late thirties.

She has come in multiple times and has asked me to show her how to do the same thing each time: to save and print her document. I get the overall impression that she isn’t listening to me.

Up until the most recent encounter with her, it appeared that she was knowledgeable with Word as she had a full paper done in the seemingly correct format, double-spaced, and indented properly.

Patron: “Hey, can you help me indent this paragraph? It’s giving me issues.”

Me: “Sure! Okay, just press Enter to get that to the new paragraph, then press Tab to… Oh.”

It turns out that instead of using the easy Select All and double-space feature on Word, she had pressed enter after each line to make the document double-spaced.

Me: “Oh, hey, I have a super easy trick to double-space everything at once that will solve your formatting issue. Just go up here to—”

Patron: “—and click that and press 2.0 to double-space. Yeah, I know. It’s fine; I’ll just print it this way. Now how do I save and print?”

I showed her, yet again, and then walked away, extremely bewildered. I dread when she comes in because she always asks for help and I know she won’t listen to anything I say.

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A Liquor License Is Not A License To Drink Liquor

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I am working the only open register on my end of the store. The store has a strict carding policy for forty and under. A woman in her mid-thirties walks up with a bottle of vodka, talking on her cell phone.

Me: “Hi. Did you find everything okay?”

Customer: “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

She seems to be in a hurry.

Me: “May I please see your ID?”

She sighs and pulls it out, all flustered and rushed. She’s still on the phone.

Me: “I’m so sorry, but I cannot sell you this vodka. Your ID is expired.”

Customer: “You’ve got to be kidding me! I am obviously over twenty-one.”

I point at the pin on my shirt stating our forty-and-under policy.

Me: “I’m sorry, but it’s store policy and I am on camera.”

Customer: “Well, here’s my liquor license; it has my date of birth on it.”

Me: “A liquor license is not a valid form of ID. It says so on the bottom of the card.”

She angrily picks up her IDs, putting them away, still all flustered.

Customer: *Talking into her phone* “You will not believe this. The dumb b*** at the grocery store won’t sell me the booze cause my ID’s expired!”

She stormed off out the door and up the street. Serves her right. I wouldn’t have carded her if she hadn’t been sooo rude walking up on her cell phone and acting like I was an inconvenience.

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Just Married But Still A Bridezilla

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It is a sold-out Saturday night, about 10:00 pm, when a couple comes in and says they have a reservation. They are the bride and groom of the wedding party that is taking up a lot of rooms, but the group was blocked to arrive last night. Why the bride and groom have come in a day late, I never find out.

I also never find out why the other night auditor decided to declare them a no-show when it had a group rate, the rest of the group was in the house, and their reservation stated they were the bride and groom. So, she comes in, donning her wedding gown, and mentions how she was “just married!” several times while I’m finding their information — happily at first, and then when I tell them the situation, not so happily.

During this time period, we have a lot of issues with the computer and registration cards in the bucket not matching up. So, I start on a mad dash to see if any of the rooms are possibly vacant, and if I find one that’s dirty, I’ll just clean it, because the newlywed wife is beginning to fume.

I start running — yes, running — down the hall, when a guest stops me to ask if I could ring him up at the gift shop. I answer that I can, but first I really need to handle a situation, if that’s okay. He asks about what’s going on, and I tell him, knowing it might not be the best idea but at a complete loss on what to do. He says that he is staying here with a couple of family members in two rooms, but since the rooms we gave them don’t connect, they don’t want the other anymore, and I can give it to the other guests. His family members have only been in the room briefly and then they left somewhere. I thank him repeatedly for his kindness and set the newlyweds up with that room. All seems well.

About midnight, the guests previously in that room come up to the desk and tell me their rooms keys don’t work and there’s a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. I explain to them what happened, expecting to hear an earful, but they are fine with it. They’re just concerned that the woman left her phone and purse in the room, and they would like to get them.

I grab the master key and we go down to the room.

Me: *Knock* “Front desk.”

I wait a bit.

Me: *Knock* “Front desk.”

This continues for a while.

Bride: “WHO THE F*** IS IT?!”

Me: “Um… Front Desk. The guests who gave this room to you guys left their phone and purse in there. Could you maybe hand it out?”

There is no answer, so I begin knocking again, at a loss of what to do. Eventually, I use the key to open the door just a crack.

Me: “Please, they just want their phone and purse.”

Bride: “THIS IS F****** BULLS***!”

She flings the door open, half-dressed.


She throws the purse at my head, and I duck, narrowly missing it.

Bride: “FOR F***’S SAKE, I WAS JUST F****** MARRIED!”

She slams the door. The guest who gave up the room speaks up.

Guest: “Umm… there should also be a phone—”

Other Guest: “No, no, it should be in the purse.”

It was. The other guests awkwardly thanked me while I apologized, turned around, and burst into tears.

I left a note and when the next GSR came in at 7:00 am to relieve me, I told him a sparsely-detailed, summarized account of the event.

I came into work again that night, and in the morning when he came in, he told me that he heard about the full situation from the guests. When the woman made her reservation, she had been extremely nice, and she came to the desk to apologize in the morning. The GSR had also heard from a guest about how some other guests were saying very perverted, disrespectful things to me, and that those men would not be staying here again.

He also spoke to the GM, and I now had the next day off. I not only slept a full eight hours, but I also had a meal besides delivery pizza for the first time in months. Greatest. Day. Of my life.

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