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Note: I play online games very frequently, so I’ve become very indifferent towards verbal abuse over the years. On this particular day, we are having a huge sale, and are very busy.

Customer #1: Excuse me, I need a few things but I forgot my glasses and can’t see too well, can you help me find some things?

*Being a cashier, we are normally not supposed to leave the register, but since no customers we currently in line, I agree and go help him look for his items. After about 1 minute, we suddenly get a huge rush of customers at the registers, and I am called back to the register.

Me: Excuse me, I’m being called back to the cash, I will have another employee come and assist you shortly.

Customer #1: …

About 5 minutes pass, and the rush is almost over, when the customer comes storming out of the aisle

Customer #1: HEY! Thanks for leaving me in the aisle like a f****** idiot, A******!

Me: Sir, I –

Customer #1: Un-f******-believable! *Storms Off*

I then continue cashing out me current customer like nothing happened

Customer #2: Wow that was rude! Way to keep your patience with him!

Me: Thanks, I’ve learned to just shrug it off over time.

Customer #2: Well good for you! You have a nice day now!

Me: Thanks! You too!

Coworker: How did you stay so calm!? I would have broke down crying!

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