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(I work at a store that is part of a strip mall. The 8 or so parking spaces directly in front of our store are reserved for our customers, with a large parking lot behind them. A man comes in one night.)

Me: Hi sir! Is there anything I can help you find?

Man: No, I’m not here to buy anything. I was just concerned about the parking spaces that are reserved for your customers. I know the layout of the parking lot isn’t your fault, but I don’t think that it’s fair that you have so many reserved spaces. There’s never any room close to [business next door] to park.

Me: Well, you’re right. The parking lot layout is not at our discretion so you would probably want to contact the building manager instead. But you do have the entire lot to park in, as we only have 8 spaces reserved.

Coworker: Plus nobody actually checks the parking spaces in front of our store. I’m sure you could park there, go to [business next door] and nobody would notice.

Man: It just doesn’t seem fair. You should contact your building manager!

Me: About the parking spaces in front of our store that are reserved for our customers. Right. If you’ll give me a moment, I can pull up the number for the building manager now. You let me know how that call goes.

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