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(I work as a floor associate for a big name retailer, which just means that I am trained in a lot of different areas and can be placed wherever they need me. Today I am working the register. My customer is a Caucasian female in her late 30s. I am a very friendly and outgoing cashier, always taking time to make small talk and that sort of thing.)

Me: “Hi, how are you doing today?”

Customer: *gives me irritated look*

Me: *kind of just turns away in surprise, but continues to scan her items*

Customer: *all of a sudden* “It’s people like you!”

Me: *shocked* “I’m sorry, ma’am, have I done something to upset you?”

Customer: “All you Mexicans taking jobs from hard-working white people!”

(I’m biracial, half-white, half-Hispanic, but since I was adopted into a white family when I was four, I’ve always considered myself white, not to mention the fact that my skin is relatively fair.)

Me: *seething inside, but managing to keep my cool* “Ma’am, I think you’re mistaken. I was born and raised in West Texas.”

(Customer goes beet-red and attempts to stutter out an apology. At this point I’ve finished bagging her items and walking her through the payment process.)

Me: “Would you like your receipt with you or in the bag?”

Customer: *continues to apologize*

Me: “Would you like your receipt with you or in the bag?”

(The customer takes items and receipt and runs off, still red in the face.)

Next Customer: “You’re a champ, I would have slapped her right in her racist face.”

Me: *grins* “It got real close there, I promise you that!”

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