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Customer: “So your regular [brand of chew] is $2.75?”

Me: “No the regular and the snuff are both $4.89 or two for $7.99.”

Customer: “No! That one there says $2.75!”

Me: “You mean the [other brand]? Yes, that’s on sale for $2.75.”

Customer: “I consider that to be “regular.””

Me: “Well, everyone else in the industry considers this one to be “regular.””

Customer: “No that’s “straight.””

Me: “Actually, sir, this [third can] is called “straight” and is also on sale for $2.75. So which one can I get for you? The regular long cut? The regular snuff? The straight? Or the [other brand]?

Customer: “The [other brand], of course! That other s***’s nasty and so are the people who chew it!”

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