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, | Unfiltered | May 23, 2018

(I work at a diner. I had a man ask to take one of our menus to take outside to his father so he could write on a piece of paper what he wanted and him bring it back in for the order TO-GO. We have these mini menus that have everything the other menu has just in smaller form and you are free to take them with you, but he insisted on taking our dining room menu.)

Me: Sir, can I help you?

Customer: Yes. I’d like to take this menu so I can take it out to my dad in the truck and he can write down what he’d like so that he can order.

Me: Okay, but we do have this mini to go menus, you can take one if you’d like.
(I reach over the counter to grab one)

Customer: No, I don’t want a to go menu, I want one of these.

Me: Sir, they are the same thing.

Customer: No, I do not want a to go menu, I want this one!

(I hand him the menu and he steps so close to me it made me feel far too uncomfortable)

Customer: I’m going to take this. Is that okay? Is that alright with you?

(I agreed and walked off because I had other customers to deal with. When he comes back he has his order, to go of course. My manager took his order. He paid and then left. When he came back another server was at the register and asked if he has been helped and he proceeded to tell her he had and that he payed. She said okay but he continued to tell her how he payed and after she told him she understood multiple times, he resulted in rubbing the reciept in her face.)

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