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Not So Observant
I am about 7 months pregnant, and the baby belly is pretty obvious at this point.  I am scanning items to check for price accuracy when this exchange occurs, so I am wearing a radio, lanyard, and holding both a scanning gun and a price tag printer.
Middle-Age Female Customer:  Do you work here?
Me: (trying to not roll my eyes) Yes, how can I help you?
Customer: I’m looking for long underwear for my son.
Me:  That’s actually going to be in that section over there, let me show you.  (I start to walk toward the other section of the store.)
Customer:  Oh!  She’s a prego!
Me: (smiles wanly) Yup.  Now if you’ll just follow me over here…
Customer:  I used to work in delivery, so I always notice the pregos.
Me: (looks down at my rather large baby-belly) That’s…great…

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