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<i>I am in the line at the grocery store’s customer service desk. The poor girl behind the counter is on the phone with what seems to be a very irate caller and is getting pretty flustered.</i>

Cashier: “…So you, uh, have to push the switch forward with your other hand while you push the button or it won’t slice? … No, I don’t know how the professional ones work… Broken? I, uh…”

Me: *Quietly to the cashier* “Hey, is this about the slicer you can buy with your store points?”

Cashier: *Nods*

Me: “I just got one myself. It’s a safety feature so people with no training don’t cut their fingers off trying to catch the meat.”

Cashier: *oh phone* “No, it’s not broken; actually, that’s a safety feature. No, I know you know how to use them, but if they didn’t do that people who didn’t know would end up cutting themselves when they sliced things. … Uh huh. You have a good day, sir.” *Hangs up*

Me: “You know, it actually says that right in the manual…”

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