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[My manager had just transferred a call downstairs to me on the front desk to help a customer query her husbands order from earlier today. He’d bought a pair of designer frames (£99.00) and one of our offers is a free coating (£30.00) so he paid £99.00.]
customer: hey there so my husband bought glasses earlier today and I have a ticket which would give him 25% off the order. Would you be able to put that on the record for when we come in please?
Me: Sure thing, if you give me 2 seconds I’ll just figure out how much the refund will be
[At this point I had to change the order because our offers can’t be used in conjunction with each other]
Me: Okay Mrs (customer) the total with the 25% discount is £96.75, so that’d be a £2.25 refund when he comes in store to collect.
Customer: Right, can you explain that to me because I’ve worked it out as £74.25 (75% of £99).
Me: Okay so we’ve dispensed a pair of designer frames with standard lenses included, and a £30.00 coating on them. Because the voucher wasn’t mentioned when he was here, we gave him a free coating offer so he didn’t pay for that. He only paid £99.00. The total of the order is £129.00 which is what I did 25% off of, which totals £96.75. Does that make sense?
Customer: Not really. The ticket doesn’t mention anything about lens options or other offers or anything and there’s nothing about the coating costing anything on the receipt.
[At this point I’d grabbed a voucher that she was holding and printed off a copy of the receipt]
Me: Okay ma’am, you see on the receipt it says Ultraclear £30.00, then the line underneath it has -£30.00, that’s the coating I’m talking about having been put on the order and then discounted off. On the ticket, the first line says “Can be used on a complete pair of spectacles from the price of £69.00, including lenses and Extra Options.” The coating we’ve given is an extra option, the second sentence on the ticket is “Cannot be used with other offers” so we’d have to charge for that coating before being able to discount 20% from the TOTAL of the order, which is £129.00.
Customer: Right. I still really don’t understand the difference between the ticket offer and the store offer
Me: [Explains the WHOLE thing again. At this point I had 3 customers stood in front of me waiting to be served all looking very sympathetic and understanding of my situation which I’m grateful for.]
Customer: Okay, well I still don’t get it. I’ll get him to phone up tomorrow.
[The first customer in line said she completely understood everything I’d said and understood the issues just from having heard my side of the conversation.]

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