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(This is just an average day, a little bit slow after the Holiday Rush. I get a page to a point in my department. When I reached the customer this happened.)

Me: Can I help you with something ma’am?

Customer: I was looking for an iPad Air 2.

Me: What size ma’am?

Customer: (Makes a scene with her hands describing the size) A big one.

Me: What memory size ma’am?

Customer: 64 gigabyte.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am we do not have any in stock.

Customer: Fine. What’s your name. (Looks at my name tag.)

(They move away and straight to the guest service desk. My manager is then paged to said desk. My manger then comes over to me 5 minutes later.)

Manager: Just to let you know you had a customer complain about you. What happened?

(I go over what was said and be careful to explain my tone of voice. His response.)

Manager: Well some people are like that.

(I go the rest of the day without a complaint and in fact have many customers thank me for helping them with products. I wish people could remember that retail employees are people too and that we aren’t mind readers.)

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