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_(There is an older gentleman with a large purple mark covering almost half of his face. The entire time he has been at the shop he has gotten stares and some hateful comments. A girl that looks about 12 or 13 comes up to him.)_

*Young girl:* “Excuse me sir, are you [name]’s grandf-”

*Gentleman:* _(Cutting her off)_ “Now listen here! I can’t control this skin condition and I won’t accept any more comments from people like you!”

_(The girl pauses and looks confused)_

*Young girl:* “Um… Sir, I was just asking if you were [name]’s grandfather. She’s shown me some pictures and said you were very nice. I don’t care if you have a skin condition or scars or anything like that, because I have some of my own.”

_(The girl rolls up her sleeves, revealing many, many self harm scars. The gentleman pales and hurries out, muttering about ‘self harming demons”. The girl looks confused, then sighs and puts a gift card on the counter.)_

*Young girl:* “Well, I’m used to responses like that. Now, can I get this for a friend?”

_(Neither of the customers have come back, and if any of you are reading this, I just wanted to say sorry.)_

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