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The phone rings
Me: Thanks for calling [Store] How may I help you?
Caller: Hi, this is [caller’s name]. I was wondering if you could tell me if there’s a game on tonight.
Me: I think so. I couldn’t say for sure.
Caller: Well, can you check? I can’t find it.
Me: You know what, I’m pretty sure there is.
Caller: Well, what channel is it on? I can’t find it on the TV guide!
Me: I really don’t know.
Caller: Well, what channel do you have it on?
Me: I don’t have it on any channel.
Caller: On your TV! What channel are you watching the game on?
Me: I’m not watching the game. We don’t have a TV here, this is a liquor store.
Caller: Oh. Well, do you know what channel ESPN is?
Me: I really don’t.
Caller: Thanks [hangs up]

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