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(The counter has a hatch we open to get through to the shop floor, I partially lift it to get through but my supervisor beats me to the products I’m looking for. I haven’t lifted the hatch fully. My colleague is a guy a few inches taller than me of African descent.)

Customer: “Oi! You crushed my hand with that!”

Colleague: *sceptical* “Are you sure about that, mate?”

Customer: “You bet I’m sure! Your colleague needs to be more careful!”

(I notice that there’s no clear mark, and I recall no shouting from the customer at the time either.)

Customer: “I’m left-handed you know, this is going to affect my work!”

(I tell my supervisor, who looks for the accident book and lets the manager know, however, my manager checked the CCTV and the entire time my hands were on the hatch, his were at his side and nowhere near the hatch, in fact, he was on the side the hinges were at! My manager sent a copy of the footage to head office in case he pressed the matter any further.)

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