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There are two types of assignments that stick out in my memories of high school. For Spanish, sheets requiring us to answer questions in full sentences, and for History, “why did this guy do what he did?”

For my Spanish assignments, I generally had to look up two or three words to answer twelve or more questions.

For History, I’d look over the paragraphs the questions were supposedly based on, which would always say who the person was and what they did, and then read the paragraphs over, and over, and over, because I couldn’t find the answer to “why” anywhere, just “this guy did this thing” without his motives or results anywhere. So I read the entire chapter over, and over, and over, and his name would come up once or twice more, but still not his motives or results. So I looked him up in the index at the back of the book, read every page he was on over, and over, and over, and there would still be no answer. There were days that I would cry over my assignments, and I could rarely even come CLOSE to answering the question correctly. The only way I was ever able to get the right answer was when the book explicitly laid it out, which wasn’t often enough to save my grades.

The solution I was provided with most was that I just needed to try as hard with History as I did with Spanish.

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