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A customer who worked in the same mall came in with his uniform on, which is similar to ours but put close it was for another shop. He came in to browse around.

I sat behind the counter and saw someone come into the store. Instead of coming to me, the one behind the counter, she walked over to the guy. She asked him where a cellphone charger is but he was looking around and didn’t notice that she was talking  to him.

Though he did not respond, she followed him for a bit while he looked around. He finished browsing and walked towards the exit. She followed him, thinking thi was the direction and he would show her the chargers. When he left the store she clued in he didn’t work here.

She then looked at me, who was behind the counter the entire time and without asking I pointed where the chargers were.

She laughed it off but was really embarassed.

I told this my co-worker and asked why I didn’t step in.  I replied:

“I wanted to see how long this woman would follow this guy who didn’t work here.”

I am a woman working at an electronics store so I am used to people not thinking I am as knowledgable as the guys. However, I never had someone follow some guy who did not work here.

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