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((My store has a shipping kiosk where we can accept and send packages through a major shipping company.  I see a customer approach the counter, so I go to help her.))

Me: Need to ship something today, ma’am?

Customer:  Yes, but I’m not sure if I need to cover the box with something or not.  Sometimes [company] will reject a box if there’s print on the outside.

Me:  Oh, that’s no problem. The only time there’s an issue is when the box states it contains something from the list of restricted items.

Customer: Oh, I’m not shipping anything like that! I just wanted to know if my box was okay!

Me:  Err — let me put it this way.  Let’s say you’re shipping cookies, and–

Customer: I’m NOT shipping cookies though!  It’s a bunch of odds and ends I found in my garage!

Me: Ma’am, I was using that as an example.  If, for EXAMPLE, you were shipping cookies, but the BOX said that you were shipping flam–


Me: Okay, not cookies. My POINT is, as long as what is IN the box is okay, you wo–

Customer: Oh, I get it!  If I ship something dangerous, I have to write it on the box so they know!

Me: No, ma’am — you can’t ship dangerous goods at all.  Nothing on our list here can be accepted.

((This goes back and forth for some time, with the customer repeatedly telling me she’s not sure whether or not she’s allowed to use the box she’s provided.  After several minutes – and several more interruptions – I’m finally able to convey to her that only boxes stating things on the “restricted” list were ones we had to worry about.))

Me: So since your box doesn’t say any of those things on it, AND you aren’t shipping any of those things, you’re okay. We can ship this just like it is.

Customer: I ALREADY KNEW THAT.  I just need to know if it’s okay to use this box!