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(I work at a well-known national pizza delivery chain here in my hometown. I am a pizza delivery driver, but the following was repeated to me by my manager during the noon shift.)

Manager: “Thank you for calling [business and location], would you like to try our [current special]?”

Customer: “Uh…no. Actually, I have a question.”

Manager: “Sure, go ahead.”

Customer: “Do you guys get a lot of stoners as customers?”

Manager: *dumbfounded for a few seconds* I suppose that we do. May I ask why?

Customer: “Well, I ordered a pizza from you guys a day ago. One of your drivers delivered a messed up pizza, and I requested for a remake. Another driver delivered the pizza; however, I’m pretty certain that he reported me to the police.”

Manager: “One of our drivers? Are you certain?”

Customer: “Yeah. He managed to catch a glimpse of a lot of medicinal weed sitting on my table before he left. After that, the police came raiding in to search the place! Child protective services also came in; trying to take my kid away!”

Manager: “Uhh….”

(The call did not last much longer. After a little investigating on our end, the driver responsible did admit to calling the police as a show of “doing the right thing.” As for the customer, there was not much my manager could do to make up for the whole mess, except offer him a free pizza, which he gladly accepted!)