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(My fiancé and I are the customers in this story. We’ve been spending a good part of the day job hunting. We’re currently in a large, well known clothing store )

Fiancé: *Walking with me after reaching the second floor of the store* “We need to find customer service…” *Spots a worker* “Excuse me, where is customer service?”

Worker: *She looks behind herself, looking at the doorway with the large “Customer Service” letters above it* “Right over there, sir!”

Fiancé: “…Oh.”

Me: “Well done, hun.”

(Later on, we’re in a second well known clothing store. We just asked where to go, and were directed to the other side of the store. Being lost, we go up to a service desk to ask for directions. )

Fiancé: “Hi, where exactly is the customer service area?”

Worker: “Just straight behind me! Take a right once you go past the doorway.”

Fiancé: “Take a right… okay, thank you.”

Me: *staring at the sign above the desk* “Hey, hun?”

Fiancé: “Yes?”

Me: “There’s a sign above us that points the way…”

Fiancé: “…”

Me: “You’re turning into the customers you dislike. Don’t do it, it’s not worth it!”

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