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(The centre has lost power but we are still trading, doing everything manually)

Customer: “Can i have my repeat?”

Me: “I’m sorry but as i said, we have lost power and are able to print repeats but we will mail it out to you once the power comes back”

Customer: “But i want my repeat”

Me: “I’m sorry but we can’t print it”

(The customer rolls their eyes then proceedes to the checkout where we clearly state “Cash only” because of the power outage)

Customer: “I want to pay by card.”

Co worker: “I’m sorry but we have no power so we can’t use EFTPOS”

Customer: “But I want to pay by card”

Co worker: “I’m sorry, but the power is out so we can’t use the ETFPOS.”

Customer: “But I WANT to pay by card. Why did you cut the power on me. Put it back on”

Co worker: “We didn’t cut the power. The whole centre is out of power. We aren’t sure when the power will come back.”

Customer: “Well that’s your problem.”

(The customer storms off, without getting their items)