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(I work for a large Truck Stop at the diesel  desk. We had a “Summer Squall” come upon us out of nowhere and lightning struck our fuel price sign, frying the computer that controls the 24 gas and diesel pumps making us unable to sell fuel of any type. While management is scrambling trying to fix the problem, one of the fuel delivery guys walks up with an umbrella. While he is shaking off the water from his umbrella outside  I have this conversation with one of the truck drivers:)

Trucker: (Company) should provide us with umbrellas.

Me: (Thinking he is joking) Why?

Trucker: (completely serious) Because it is raining.

Me: (Still thinking he is joking) Really? What makes you think (company) controls the weather?

Trucker: We should be compensated because we can’t fuel. We are stuck here and are not out on the road. We are losing money.

(Note: there is another truck stop across the road that was not effected by the lightning strike)

Me: So how does that tie in with you feeling (company) should provide you with an umbrella?

Trucker: (pointing to fuel delivery guy) well how come he has one then?

Me: He probably has one because he bought it and keeps it in his truck so he isn’t caught in bad weather with no umbrella.

(The truck driver looks at me, looks at his buddy, and decides to leave well enough alone. I never did figure out if he was kidding or not.)