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(A customer calls in and sounds a little drunk. In order to pull up accounts to begin help we need either the account number, name, phone number or address I avoid address due to strange spelling for street mains.)

Me: “Can I get your account number?”

Customer: “I don’t know it.”

Me: “How about phone number?”

(We proceed to try three different numbers and nothing works.)

Me: “Alright, sir, how about your address?”

Customer: *walks outside to read numbers of the house* “It’s [address not including zip code].”

Me: “And the zip code?”

Customer: “Jesus f****** Christ! Do you even know your f****** zip code!?”

Me: *politely* “Well, yes sir, I do.”

Customer: “Bull f****** s***. Let me talk to your manager! You should be fired!”

(Turns out he didn’t have service with us.)