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(I was working in a consignment shop when I overheard two young girls’s conversation when they were looking at some fancy dresses)

Girl #1: So who can you see this on?

Girl #2: I don’t know, (boy’s name, likely in their class).

Girl #1: *Giggles so loud they store might have collapsed*

Girl #2: Yeah, what about this one? *Points to another dress*

Girl #1: Hm, how about (another boy’s name)

Girl #2: *Falls on the floor laughing* Yes! I was thinking that too!

(They continue to do this for a while, and it was actually quite
entertaining to watch and hear.)

Girl #1: Wait, what if the boys are doing this to us?! Like with tuxedos or something?!

Girl #2: Oh no….whatever!

(At this point I’m laughing. They leave later, still talking about it.)

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