Yet Still They Come

| | Right | March 28, 2008

(Due to a power outage we had to close our store. The lights were all out and there were 2 large green bristol board signs displaying “CLOSED, NO POWER, SORRY”. A woman walks up, walks through the entryway and tries the door to the store proper, which is locked. She then turns around goes to the exit door, pulls it open and walks in. I stop her.)

Me: “I’m sorry ma’am, there is a power outage. We’re closed.”

Woman: “Does that mean I can come in?”

Me: “No. ‘Closed’ means you can’t come in.”

Woman: “Then how come THEY’RE allowed in?” *points to people behind cash registers all wearing store aprons*

Me: “Uh…they work here.”

Woman: *leaves angrily*

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  • Elyse Klecka

    This is nothing new, It’s the law in many states that customers must leave the store during a power outage. We have had people call corp and complain on this issue. When power goes out with customers in the store, we get a lot customers telling us that they only have a return, they just have these few items, or they will only shop at the front of the store where there is daylight.