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Would Have Got Worse If He’d Got To The Six-Inch

, , | Right | July 14, 2020

It’s a slow night, and I’m the only customer in the shop except for two people who already have their meals. I’m waiting at the bread station and as the other customers are paying, a rather creepy man walks in and stands in front of me, staring at me with a grin. I shake my head with a sarcastic smile, but he doesn’t move.

Creepy Customer: “Hey, enjoy your meal. That’s what matters, right?”

I sigh and decide to ignore him since I know the waitress saw me and will attend to me first, which she does. I order my sandwich; she prepares it and then proceeds to ask the man what he wants.

Creepy Customer: *Blankly* “Uh, whatcha have?”

The waitress calmly explains every type of meat and bread they have, including the Italian bread.

Creepy Customer: “I’d rather have an Italian girl, right, right?” *Smirks*

This goes on through his whole order, which takes about six minutes while I patiently wait for the — even more patient than me — waitress to finish with his order and cash me in. As I’m paying, the creepy customer suddenly just leaves without his sandwich, leaving the waitress helpless. I decide to give her a tip, which is very uncommon in France, with what’s left of my money.

Me: *Hands her the tip* “That’s for how patient and calm you were with that idiotic jerk.”

Waitress: “Oh, God. Thank you. You know what? I’m actually happy he left. I don’t want to know what he was planning to say when he’d pay.”

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