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10 More Times Waitstaff Had To Deal With Customers From Hell

| Right | May 21, 2021

Dear readers,

It is once again National Waitstaff Day! Last year, we rounded up 23 stories about waitstaff and all the garbage customers put them through. This last year has been a pain in everyone’s backside, but those essential people who serve us have had a harder time than most.

In honor of hardworking waitstaff, here are 10 more stories about waiters and waitresses who really need a payraise!


A Sudden Change – When you have to deal with customers like this, it’s nice to have a manager like that.

Waitstaff Don’t Ask These Questions For Fun, You Know – This is why [Friend] isn’t invited anywhere anymore.

Trying To Give The Waitress (Bread) Schtick – You gotta love a waitress who keeps up!

Would Have Got Worse If He’d Got To The Six-Inch – No one gets paid enough to deal with this nonsense.

Will Never Look At Mint Thins The Same Way Again – Hits from the comments: “We little old ladies have done it all. You young whippersnappers only think you invented sex.”

Giving New Meaning To The Term “Cheap Date” – This is a long read but it’s so worth it.

Monstrous Behavior Calls For Monstrous Treatment – Waitstaff have to deal with the weirdest kinds of monsters.

Reaching A New Tea Total – Waitstaff are incredible people but they cannot read your mind!

Yet Another Darwin Awards Candidate – Occasionally, waitstaff make their own trouble.

Why Waitstaff Should Rule The World – On a lighter note, let’s close this roundup with something a little warm and fuzzy!


We hope you enjoyed this Waitstaff-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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