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Where There’s No Smoking, There’s A Scene

, , | Right | July 13, 2020

A lady comes down in a fury.

Guest: “Excuse me. I have to have a non-smoking room!”

Me: “It says here that your travel agent booked you a smoking room.”

Guest: “Well, I want a non-smoking room! Can’t you see that my kids are allergic?”

The kids are coughing and crying.

Me: “I’m sorry, but there are no more non-smoking rooms available.”

Guest: “Well, then, get me another room someplace else! Who wants to stay here in this horrible hotel, anyway?!”

I try to find her another room, but due to an event in town, all hotels in the area are booked. When I tell her this, she gets even angrier.

Guest: “If you don’t find me a non-smoking room right now, I’ll make a big scene! Don’t make me make a big scene! You’ll be embarrassed!”

Me: “Ma’am, with all due respect, you are making a big scene right now. So don’t bother threatening us with that.”

Finally, she calmed down a little when she saw that she was not impressing me with her threats, but she still complained to corporate about her travel agent’s mistake. They gave her a gift certificate.

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