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Unlike His Tires, His Head Is Full Of Air

, , | Right | CREDIT: Blimey_lad | December 31, 2021

A couple of years ago, I was working in a petrol station. We had an air machine to fill your tyres, which operated by inserting a token you could buy from the counter.

A middle-aged, very well-dressed man came in and asked for an air token. I sold it to him, and he went out to fill his tyres. One token lasts for around six minutes, so that should be plenty enough for four tyres and then some. He came back after a couple of minutes.

Customer: “Your air machine is broken.”

Okay, fair enough, that happens quite often, but even more often, people don’t know how to use it. You insert a token, set your PSI, and fill your tyres; it’s super simple stuff, but people are idiots.

I went with him to the air machine.

Me: “What’s the problem?”

What he did next I just couldn’t believe. He inserted the token, set his PSI, took the nozzle, and just stood there holding it. I was about to ask what he was waiting for.

Customer: *Angrily* “See?! It’s not inflating!”

I was absolutely shocked that the man thought that tyres filled up with Bluetooth or magic after inserting the token.

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