Too Chicken To Be True Vegetarians

, , | Right | May 2, 2019

(A couple comes in, wanting to try our special: Monday you eat for only €13,95 and it’s a four-course meal. However, they are vegetarian, so I make sure to list all four courses to them and explain which items we replace with vegetarian ones to make sure that’s all right.)

Customer: “So, we are strictly vegetarian, so no broth that’s made from meat.”

Me: “Sure, not a problem. We actually have cauliflower soup at the moment which is completely vegan, even!”

Customer: “Okay, that sounds good. What else is there on the starter plate?”

Me: “Well, we have some spring rolls which are vegetarian.” *the customer nods approvingly* “I’ll take out the meat in the nachos and replace them with extra cheese.” *nods approvingly again* “And the chicken wings I will repla—“

(The customer does a complete 180, looking at me like I’m the dumbest person she ever met.)

Customer: “Well, sweetheart, I never said we don’t eat chicken! We do eat chicken so you better leave that on there!”

(I was so baffled I just walked off.)

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