Those Things Aren’t Mutually Exclusive, But They Should Probably Have Checked

, , , | Working | June 9, 2020

I am the manager of a clothing store. I have come in for the starting shift; however, my car had difficulty starting so I am late. I am at the side entrance for employees only and have been knocking for some time. There are only two keys for this entrance, which is split between the four managers, and I unfortunately took a short straw. I can see someone through the slits in the window, but it seems they are completely ignoring me. I phone the duty manager who is on the same shift.

This is what happens on the other side of the door. 

Duty Manager: “[New Start], the store manager is at the door. Can you let her in?”

New Start: “I can’t. Some crazy old hag is out there banging. I think she’s going to kill us.”

After a pause, the duty manager comes and lets me in.

Duty Manager: “[New Start], this is [My Name]: the crazy old hag who also happens to be the store manager.”

While I can appreciate his concern for safety, his attitude didn’t improve towards his colleagues and the customers. He was let go after his induction period.

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