This Story Contains Nudity… Kinda

, , , | Right | March 10, 2019

(I work at a clothing store and we occasionally need to undress a mannequin for various reasons. If we are busy, sometimes the mannequin will be undressed for an evening. It should be noted that our mannequins are solid white from head to toe and don’t even have details like nipples or belly buttons. With the exception of their faces, they’re smooth. We regularly get people commenting on our naked mannequins, and occasionally people are actually upset by it, but this one takes the cake.)

Customer: “That mannequin is naked!”

Me: *laughs, thinking she’s being funny* “Oh, yes, I had to take her dress off for someone to try on.”

Customer: “But she’s been naked the whole time I’ve been here!”

Me: *realizing she’s serious* “We’ll dress her as soon as we have a moment and we can figure out what she is supposed to be wearing.”

Customer: “It isn’t right that she’s just standing there naked.” *walks away*

(Later that evening after we were closed, I walked by the same mannequin and realized that the woman had draped a sweater over the mannequin’s chest, which actually made her look weirder because now she was just pantsless. Why people get so upset about naked mannequins, I’ll never know.)

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