The Total Opposite Of An Informative Chat

| USA | Working | September 2, 2014

Representative: “Welcome to [Card] Live Chat. How may I help you today?”

Me: “On March first I set up an autopay on your site to draft my bank to pay the card on April first. It’s now the sixth. The bill was not paid, and I now have a late notice.”

Representative: “Hello, sir. How are you doing today?”

Me: “See above.”

Representative: “Yes, I am reading the question you sent. I’ll be glad to check that for you.”

Me: “Five minutes ago I scheduled a one-time payment to take care of the March payment. It shows in progress.”

Representative: “I’ve reviewed your account and see that we have not received the payment on April 1st. That is the reason the account is past due.”

Me: “Yes. And I’m trying to figure out why the autopay didn’t pay it.”

Representative: “May I know when you scheduled the payment?”

Me: “I set up the autopay on March 1st. I setup the one-time payment five minutes ago.”

Representative: ”I’ve reviewed your account and see that the payment is still in progress.”

Me: “Correct, because it’s the one-time payment I just scheduled when I got a late notice.”

Representative: “If the payment is made before 5 pm EST, it will be posted on the same day and if the payment is made after 5 pm EST it will be posted within the two business days.”

Me: “I want to make sure the autopay is set up correctly. And if it is, why wasn’t the payment made on April 1st?”

Representative: “Once the payment is posted to the account the past due amount will be removed.”

Me: “You are not answering my question…”

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