The Poke Choke Point

| Romantic | September 26, 2012

(We’ve just gotten home from the bar with a few friends. I am tired, silly and slightly drunk. I’ve been lovingly annoying my boyfriend by poking, prodding, whining, nuzzling and doing other irritating things to him. After everyone leaves, we finally go up to bed.)

Boyfriend: “Honey, pick a movie.”

Me: “Ugh, okay.”

Boyfriend: *starts poking me*

Me: “Stop that.” *bats his hand away*

Boyfriend: *starts rubbing his face on my shoulder*

Me: *I try to ignore him and focus on finding a movie*

(He begins rubbing his face even more violently on my shoulder, then starts poking me and tugging on my hair, followed by making pouty sounds. At this point I realize he’s trying to do all the things I’ve been doing to him through the night. I am determined not to give him any reaction. As a result he then pretends to get mad and starts violently nuzzling me so hard that he’s rocking the bed.)

Me: “Argh! Knock it off!”

(I am both extremely irritated and amused. I start playfully hitting him, and I laugh.)

Boyfriend: “You’re laughing! You’re laughing! That means I’m off the hook!”

(He pulls me into a big bear hug so I can’t hit him anymore and kisses me all over.)

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