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The Needs For Stronger Lockdowns

, , , | Right | January 28, 2020

(My coworker and I are closing up our bridal boutique for the night; lights are off except for small accent lights, the alarm is set and beeping down, and we are both dressed to go outdoors, with coats and bags. A young couple is walking around the corner towards us as we step outside and I begin to pull the door closed behind me, keys in hand to lock it from the outside. We’re still in polite customer service mode and give them a small smile of acknowledgment, which the young woman returns. Before I can react, she dodges around me and ducks through the door just before it fully closes. My coworker and I are both startled, but she just stands inside, smiling at us through the glass door. We’re so startled by her pushing past us and into an obviously closed store that we just stare back for a moment, but she starts to move further into the boutique. Keep in mind, it is fully dark inside and the alarm has started beeping faster, indicating it is about to be fully armed; it is LOUD.)

Me: “Excuse me, but we’re closed!”

Customer: “Oh, I can’t just look around?”

Coworker & Me: “No!”

Customer: “But it’s so pretty, I’ll just be a minute—”

Me: “We are closed! You are about to set off the alarm; please come out now!”

(She reluctantly came back out and we were able to get the door locked before the alarm started blaring and the cops were summoned. The boyfriend just patiently stood outside and waited for her during the entire interaction!)

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