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Tackling The Issue Promptly

| Working | April 19, 2017

(I get hired to work in the computer labs on my college campus and am being given a “here’s your duties, etc.” speech by head boss. This is ten-plus years ago and I am a 19 year old girl, probably 130 lbs.)

Boss: “If someone steals any computer equipment you are responsible.”

Me: “Sooo, like, I should tackle them, right?”

Boss: “…no! No! You just need to keep an eye on people and make sure they know you are present.”

Me: “Okay, but what if someone just walks in and takes something? You said I was responsible., I don’t want to get in trouble or lose my job.”

(I was actually serious. I didn’t think it was weird to ask if I should tackle someone in the process of committing a crime; I have no idea why. I was a teenager.)

Boss: “No… No tackling, don’t follow, just… just call campus police, okay?”

(No tried to steal anything on my shifts. Also, before the year was out, a full policy had been put into place and panic buttons were installed in all computer labs. Apparently my offer to “tackle thieves” had conjured up such a strong mental image in the boss that he took fairly swift action.)

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