Spending Koala-ty Time Together

| Romantic | March 6, 2012

(I leave for class or work before my boyfriend most days, and we often have very odd conversations while he’s still mostly asleep.)

Me: “I have to go now, I’m sorry.”

Boyfriend: “Nooo!”

(He sleepily nuzzles and sort of paws at me.)

Me: “Sorry, koala bear. I can’t be late.”

Boyfriend:Koala bear? What?”

Me: “I don’t know…you just remind me of a koala bear when you’re sleepy, with all the nuzzling and sleepy faces.”

Boyfriend: “That’s bull. I’m not a koala bear.”

(He proceeds to try to prevent me from leaving by wrapping his arms and legs around me…just like a koala around a eucalyptus tree.)

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