Some Drinks Flow Easily

| Friendly | April 21, 2016

(So I’m at my friends’ house, brother and sister. The sister’s boyfriend is here and we’re all standing around in the kitchen while the three of them do double shots of a new drink the boyfriend just created. I don’t do alcohol because it doesn’t sit well with me. The drink is a 50/50 mixture of Nos energy drink and cherry liquor and therefore is red in color. They’re about to do their second round when the sister examines hers and makes an observation as her brother and boyfriend downs theirs.)

Sister: “Mine looks like a period.”

(The brother and boyfriend both choke on theirs while I break down into a fit of laughter due to their reactions. The boyfriend is coughing and spluttering and sits against the wall trying to get his breath back while his girlfriend and I can hardly breathe from laughing. I manage to catch my breath back and say that I’m putting the incident on Not Always Friendly. While I am getting to the website and after they get over it and do their third round…)

Boyfriend: “Hey, wait, I know what to call this. The Period.”

(So I guess he got over it enough to think it’s funny.)

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