Putting The Pedal To The Metal To Get Out Of There

| Friendly | April 22, 2016

(It’s the first really warm week of the season and the neighborhood has decided to celebrate by playing really loud music, which I can hear because I’ve opened my windows. Eventually I have had enough and put on my own music to try to drown them out.)

Me: *to friends through Skype* “You know, I’m wondering if listening to really scary metal music with the window open is making my house the most theft-proof in the neighborhood.”

(About five minutes later:)

Kid #1 Walking By My Window: “Man, what the h*** is that dude listening to?!”

Kid #2 Walking By My Window: “I don’t know, but I feel like we should probably leave before he yells at us for standing too close to his property…”

Me: *back on Skype* “Wow, it’s like the neighborhood just answered my question!”

(Even after I turned it off about an hour later, I noticed there were no longer any kids playing in front of the house. I didn’t even have it up that loud!)

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