Shouting Does Not Solve The Problem

, , , | Learning | May 20, 2018

(In my class we have a girl with social anxiety. She’s very nice and friendly but has a hard time doing things in public, like speaking. Our teachers understand the situation and instead of calling her to the blackboard in front of the class, they let her write her answers down and are patient when she stutters. When our math teacher goes on maternity leave, we have a substitute, a middle-aged man.)

Substitute: “Can anyone solve the equation on the board? [Girl]?”

Girl: *starts writing the answer down*

Substitute: “What are you doing? GET UP AND SOLVE THE PROBLEM!”

Me: “Sir, if she goes to the chalkboard she might have a panic attack.”

Substitute: “That’s ridiculous. She’ll never be normal if she receives special treatment because of her ‘problem.’”

(My classmate was visibly upset and tried to explain, as well, but could only stutter. The substitute yelled at her to “speak like a normal person,” which resulted in her crying. After class, one of the other girls escorted her to the bathroom to wash her face and calm down while one of the boys and I went to the principal. They were furious. We had a new substitute the next day, older than the first one, and he was much more understanding.)

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