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Relatively Disconnected From Reality

, , , | Related | September 26, 2018

(I am on the phone with a relative of mine who is in his late 80s. We are talking about the benefits that my retired military husband receives from the government.)

Me: “Did you hear that [Husband] just got a job with [Major Defense Contractor]? He was only looking for a job for a few weeks! They are trying to add over 3,000 jobs at that single facility within the next five years!”

Relative: “He will only have it as long as Trump is in office! Once we get a democrat in office, that job will go away!”

Me: “Um… [Relative], did you know that the spending bill that is paying for those jobs was authorized under Obama?”

Relative: “But the democrats will cut his retirement pay and his VA disability benefits!”

Me: “No, they won’t! It would take a major act of Congress to remove those benefits. I also get four years of free education from the VA because [Husband] is 100% disabled.”

Relative: “I’m surprised that the democrats allowed [Husband] to give his GI Bill to you!”

Me: “[Relative], they aren’t going to cut any benefits! Most of America, democrat, republican, etc., believe that the military and their families deserve the best that our country can give us. We get military discounts around here all the time. People always thank [Husband] for his service any time he wears his Air Force stuff.”

Relative: “If that’s what you want to believe!”

(I then spotted a deer in the pasture by my front porch — we live on a farm — and changed the subject to talking about the deer.)

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