A Thick-Skinned Family

| Rochester, NY, USA | Related | February 11, 2012

(My family is eating dinner. We have eight microwavable potato skins, so the plan is we all get two.)

Sister: “Hey, who gets the last potato skin?”

Mom: “It’s mine, but you can have it.”

Me: “Can we split-”

(Before I can finish, my sister shovels down half the potato skin. We all stare at her a moment. She looks at the potato skin, then at me.)

Sister: *holding up half-eaten potato skin* “Want it?”

Studies In Group Misbehavior 101

| NY, USA | Related | February 10, 2012

(Me, my boyfriend, and his mother are sitting in their living room watching TV. He asks if me and his friend could come over to watch a movie the following weekend.)

Boyfriend: “So, [friend] and [my name] want to watch TV here this Saturday. Is that okay?”

His mother: “Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll be out all day, though, so you have to behave yourselves.”

Boyfriend: *to me, jokingly* “Now we can’t have the group activity we planned.”

His mother: “Your father and I had too many of those, anyway.”

Caught Red Kidney Bean Handed

| Erie, PA, USA | Related | February 10, 2012

(We’re seated around the kitchen table, as my dad talks about a cream vegetable dish he has made.)

Dad: “…there are more kidney beans. I hid them in the sauce.”

Daughter: *greatly shocked* “Daddy, why would you hide a thing like that from your family?!”

Hymn No. 2

| Sydney, Australia | Related | February 10, 2012

(My daughter, who is 3 years old, and I are at church. This is a very small church, and everyone is praying silently.)

Daughter: “Mum, I need to go to the toilet.”

(I get up and starts quietly walking her out the back.)

Daughter: *singing as she skips along, in earshot of the whole church* “Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo!”

Acting In A Strange Manner

| Shreveport, LA, USA | Related | February 10, 2012

(My dad is religiously teaching me manners. But, being an ex-marine, and an ex-catholic student, he is being very mean.)

Me: “Shut up!”

Dad: “Excuse me?”

Me: “Shut up, SIR!”

Mom: *laughing* “That was great!”

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