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Don’t Leave Mom In The Dark

| Related | February 26, 2013

(My family is going home from a soccer game. We’ve come from two different locations so we have two cars, and I’ve decided to drive home with my Mom. It’s a sunny day, so she’s wearing her sunglasses.)

Mom: “Can you do me a favor? When we get home, can you remind me that I’m still wearing my sunglasses? Otherwise I’ll just forget to take them off.”

Me: “Okay.”

Dad: *to me* “I just remembered, we have some errands to run, don’t we? Do you want to go do them now?”

Me: “Okay.”

(Dad and I head off to go do errands in one car while my mom drives home in the other. We’ve driven about fifteen minutes.)

Me: “Dad, can I borrow your phone?”

Dad: “Sure. What for?”

Me: “I need to call mom.”

(I dial the house number and get the answering machine.)

Me: “Hi mom, it’s me. If you’re wondering why it’s so dark, it’s because you’re still wearing your sunglasses. Bye!”

(Later, when we get home.)

Mom: “Oh, I’m so glad you called! I had just sat down to listen to the answering machine, and I was wondering why everything was so dark!”

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