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Problem Exists Between The Client’s Ears

, , , | Right | September 3, 2022

Me: “IT helpdesk, how can I help you?”

Client: “Hi. I’m calling because there’s a strange thing on my screen.”

Me: “Strange? What do you mean? Is there a display problem? An error message?”

Client: “Yes, there’s an error message saying, ‘Windows, blah, blah, blah.’ See what I mean?”

Me: “Errr… not really. Okay, I’ll try to remotely access your computer. Can you give me the inventory number, which is on the yellow sticker?”

Client: “You mean the serial number?”

Me: “No, the inventory number. It’s on the yellow sticker stating, ‘Inventory Number.'”

Client: “It’s 1-A234…”

Me: “No, no, no. That’s the serial number; that’s on the grey sticker that says ‘Serial Number.’ I need you to read me what’s on the yellow sticker.”

Client: “Do you want the serial number or the inventory number, then?”

Me: “…The inventory number.”

Client: “Oh, you should have said so at the beginning!”

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