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Peek A Peck Of Peekers in Peckville

| Right | September 12, 2011

Customer: “I’d like the number for [corporation] in Peekville, Pennsylvania. They sent me the wrong pants and I want to complain.”

Me: “Sir, there is no Peekville showing in Pennsylvania, but you’re in luck. I’m from the area and actually applied for that company when I applied here. I believe you mean Peckville.”

Customer: “I said Peek-ville, Pennsylvania.”

Me: “Sir, there is no Peekville in Pennsylvania. Is there another town you would like me to try?”

Customer: “There has to be a Peekville. The package came from there.”

Me: “Sir, how do you spell Peekville?”

Customer: “P-E-C-K-V-I-L-L-E.”

Me: “Yes, sir, let me get that for you.”

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