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Objective To Adjective

| Learning | October 4, 2013

(I work as a tutor at a community college. We’re doing a team-building exercise where we have to name as many adjectives as possible that describe a good tutor.)

Other Tutor: *writing the words* “How about ‘patience?'”

Me: “That won’t work, ‘patience’ is a noun. We need adjectives, like ‘patient.'”

Other Tutor: “Oh, okay.”

(We brainstorm for several more minutes. I notice that ‘patient’ isn’t on the list.)

Me: “Did you add ‘patient?'”

Other Tutor: “You said that wouldn’t work!”

Me: “No, I said ‘patience’ wouldn’t work, because it’s a noun. ‘Patient’ is an adjective, so it’s okay.”

Other Tutor: “Oh! I’m glad you’re around to deal with that stuff; I can’t keep it straight.”

(Later in the day, we are chatting.)

Other Tutor: “So what do you teach here?”

Me: “Math, mostly, How about you?”

Other Tutor: “English.”

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